hi! i am jex. i live in sydney, australia and i made this website to share my favourite links with the world

i love music, funny stuff, food, and clicking on links. you never know what you’re gonna get when you click on a link! i am a network engineer but i do NOT like computers.

the driving philosophy behind this website is my desire/nostalgia for a slower internet. the internet has been dominated by short form content and i feel like our desire to and patience to take our time in looking for and consuming quality content has waned. sometimes it can be nice to go exploring, take a chance and click around jsut to see what you might find :)

here are some more personal links:

  • twitter
  • lastfm
  • spotify
  • letterboxd
  • wise old man (old school runescape stats)
  • if you want to you can email me at websluzza@gmail.com

    This is what ive' been listening to this week!